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Our games are designed for 6, 7 or 8 players. Sometimes additional roles are required. The following are 2 additional characters who are not suspects and cannot have committed the murder. To avoid confusion, you need to inform all players about this. The additional roles are not included in the invitation of the game.

A piece of advice: It helps the game if you give the additional roles to those of the players who are more extrovert and theatrically inclined. Quieter players feel more at ease with one of the eight standard roles.

In the invitation to the additional characters, please only pass on Part A of the following information. When the game starts, the additional characters receive their respective Part B of the following information. Download the PDF document below and print it out.

The additional characters may improvise their behaviour and communication throughout the evening. In the introductory round, they should introduce themselves in their own words, once all the other characters have done so according to their Character Booklets.

The Host should keep an eye on the additional characters to make sure they are not inventing „facts“ or accusations. Of course, the additional characters are free to play their parts and attempt to find the solution to the mystery.

The information about the additional characters can be downloaded here in PDF format.

Place cards for the additional characters can be downloaded here.

The PDF file of the Invitation can be downloaded free of charge here.


Teil A


Polly Bluebird, the maid
She helps Hudson the butler with the housekeeping chores in the Castle. Being a servant does not mean that she will not advance opinions of her own.  
Suggested costume: maid uniform.

George Armstrong, the gardener
He is a loner who does not care for the company of other people. He likes whisky and believes in ghosts.
Suggested costume: chequered shirt, cardigan, corduroy trousers, gardening apron, straw hat.


Teil B


Polly Bluebird, the maid

You were with Hudson in the kitchen until about 10.30pm. Then you went home. You only heard about the turmoil when you came in in the morning to prepare breakfast.

You are very much afraid that this might cause Castle Darkmore to be closed down and that you will lose your job. Your feelings regarding the glamorous guests are ambivalent: on the one hand, you admire them, on the other hand you think that they lead a much too easy life, compared to hard-working people like you.

George Armstrong, the gardener

As a gardener, you are not very good. They keep you around the Castle because you have always been there. Lady Darkmore usually isolates you from the guests. You are very interested in the ghost world and keep talking about the dead with whom you converse. You claim to see the Green Lady at least once a week, especially when you have been drinking whisky.

During the evening of the murder, you were at home and did not notice anything.


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The Curse of the Green Lady

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