The Curse of the Green Lady

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Cornwell 1953. Castle Darkmore, nowadays a luxurious hotel, is the perfect location to shoot a horror film. Within its crumbling walls, there’s plenty of rusty armour, creaking doors – and, above all, a genuine ghost. In the 16th century, the unfortunate Lady Darkmore fell to her death here, treacherously murdered by her unfaithful husband. As she lay dying, Lady Darkmore cursed the house, and threatened all adulterers within its walls with certain death.

One stormy winter’s night in 1953, a film crew staying at the ancient castle to shoot a movie come upon a terrible sight: Oscar Wilder, the despotic film director and notorious ladies’ man, has been brutally stabbed to death. In his room are clear signs that just before his death, he had a female visitor – and it wasn’t his wife.

Intriguingly, his bedroom door is bolted from the inside. And on the brocade robe of the ghostly Green Lady, which is on display in the castle tower, there are traces of fresh blood…

Who murdered Oscar Wilder? Was it the phantom Lady? Or was it a flesh-and-blood killer?

DOWNLOAD GAME. An entertaining murder mystery game for 6 to 8 players (+ 2 additional players) aged 16 to 116, ca. 3-4 hours playing time

This product consists solely of computer files that you download. Specifically these are PDF files and audio files in mp3 format. For both file types you need the appropriate software, which we do not supply.

This game is in English language only.
Dieses Spiel ist in englischer Sprache.



The Suspects

These 8 characters are the suspects. 2 of them are optional, i.e. they can be left out of the game without losing any information. The identity of the optional characters is included in the party planner and thus only known by the host. Therefore the game can be played by 6, 7 or 8 players. It is not possible to play the game with less than 6 players.

For this game we have created two additional characters who are not suspects and cannot have committed the murder. Nevertheless, they can participate in the game and try to find out the murderer. It makes sense to assign the additional roles to the most spirited players, as there are no role books for these roles. Thereby a total of 10 players are possible.
About the additional characters

Trigger warning: It will be revealed that one of the female roles had a traumatic experience involving pregnancy. Nothing graphic but something you might want to keep in mind while casting the players. If you require further details, please get in touch with us.

In »The Curse of the Green Lady« the investigator is Chief Inspector Watson. He enters the game as a voice in the mp3 files.

Here is a sample to give you an idea:

The game takes place in 1953.

For your inspiration, you will find some pictures on Pinterest. 

Cool lounge music is just the thing for the stressed film people to relax – before the Green Lady gets up to mischief. Music by Henry Mancini or titles from the Ultra-Lounge series fit well.
Here are some examples as a playlist on Spotify.

The Murder Mystery Dinner Party contains a suggestion for a menu together with the recipes:

Ghoulishly Green Salad with Mouldy Blue Cheese and Savagely Slashed Grapes

Leg of Innocent Lamb, Excruciatingly Slow-Roasted, with Brutally Smashed Peas, Bruised Potatoes and Chopped Mint

Fraudulently Fluffy Quark Crème with Freezing Fruit

To the recipes

A picture of the menu card can be found among the product pictures at the top of the page or can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

A vegetarian menu can be found here .

Please note that all the recipes are in German language.

Two additional characters for this game can be found here.

You can find the menu template within the product images. You can also download it here.

The PDF file of the invitation card can be downloaded here.